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Amptweaker Fatmetal Pro II clip 
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The Fatmetal Pro II I picked up is possibly the fussiest pedal/preamp I've ever dealt with. Apparently the DSL is its mortal enemy. No amount of tweaking gets it to sound like anything but trash through that amp. The Studio Pro though? Not bad at all. It took about five minutes to dial in a tone that, while maybe a bit dark, shows potential.

I'm gonna have to figure out some way to utilize the boost function at some point. There's separate boost gain and volume, but the boost itself is definitely a mid-forward boost. It'd cut like a knife is a live mix, for sure. The extra available volume is just a bonus for that type of situation.

I feel like with all the available options it's going to take some time to explore. Pretty cool in some situations, but definitely wouldn't be a good tag-along flyrig for backlines. You get the wrong amp handed to you and it WILL sound like ass. Which is weird considering how good it can sound. :hmm:

Tons of gain, tons of low-end, and near infinite tweakability. An interesting little gadget to have around, for sure.

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