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WTB: is this gear exist at all ? 
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Hi there ! It might be the wrong category but :noob:

Anyway I am looking for a pedal that take the place of my clean/disto footswitch, and have a gain reduction when I am on the clean channel only.

To be more specific the thing is that my amp (manual : have the same gain for the clean and the distortion channel. In order to have enough drive, I have to set the gain to a relatively high value. But sadly, the clean channel become like an overdrive. So I would have the possibility to switch from a high gain distortion channel to a very low gain clean in on push.
My Idea is a pedal with :
- An input for the guitar
- An output for the guitar
- An input to link to the footswitch output of my amp
- A gain potentiometer or fader or whatever that only reduce the gain when I am on the clean channel only
- If possible a led to indicate distortion channel active
- If possible, an effect loop for the clean channel only
- A proper said foot switch like in any pedal

In some ways, my need is similar to this pedal : beside this one is a clean boost and note a clean "reduce" (and there is no effect loop). But there is the magical footswitch input !

Do you all know if such a pedal even exist ? Or can I ask some gears geek to build one like that for a faire price ? :) Who ?

many thanks

A small scheme attach to be clear.

EDIT : Scheme could be disturbing, so it is understand that the "footswitch" input is a 24V line that can be link to the jack ground or not with the foot switch.

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Fri Apr 19, 2019 6:14 am
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Welcome man!

I'm confused as to why you need less gain on the clean channel, sounds like something might be broken. Shouldn't the clean channel already be... clean?

IMO you can't make a dirty amp cleaner, you can only make clean amps dirtier. If the amp is operating as intended, and the shared EQ is messing with the channel switching, I would get that clean channel dialed in how you like it, throw your favorite dirt pedals out front, and use the amp like a pedal platform.

Regardless, good luck getting that tone!

JiveTurkey wrote:

Fri Apr 19, 2019 8:25 am
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Itchy... it sounds like the dirty channel bleeds onto his clean channel, when he has the the gain set high on his dirty channel.

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Fri Apr 19, 2019 8:37 am
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