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Bumping old threads 
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There have been some complaints about old threads being bumped and justifiably so. Before bumping an old thread, please consider the following:

a- most people access GAB during their work day and have limited time on the forum.

b- the first page of the forum or the "active" queue is used by many as a newsfeed where they can see all the NEW discussions of the day.

therefore, by placing a thread back in the first page for no reason, you are interfering with someone "newsfeed" and undermining their limited time to browse the forum and participate in new discussions.

That said, there are definitely situations when bumping a thread is ok, namely:

a- you found an old thread that brings you back good memories
b- you found an old, interesting thread and want to reopen the discussion
c- you have new information about an old subject.

These are perfectly valid reasons to bump a thread. In these cases, please be specific as to why you are bumping the thread and what do you want to see added or discussed in it.

It is NOT ok to bump a thread because:

a- you think that's a funny thing to do
b- you're bored , drunk etc...

That type of behavior is discouraged and it will be addressed, as it affects quality of content.
Please always keep in mind this is a community and be respectful to everyone posting here. I don't think it is a lot to ask to keep the first few pages relevant. That's not saying an old thread can't be relevant and come back to life, but that's not what's been happening here.

Thank you all for understanding.


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