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Annoucement: new youtube tag 
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Hi all,

So the last few months we been having issues with YT videos not showing up on the secured site (https). After some research I've found down that YouTube made changes on their code that were giving errors with the tag code.

The solution was to write a brand new tag, which I did. So I have good and bad (well, annoying) news....

The Good News:

The new tag works well, looks better, loads faster and it's dynamic (size adapts to your screen so no sideways scrolling).

The Annoying News:

To avoid further conflicts/errors, I had to erase the previous tag completely. So if you posted a video recently that you still want people to see, you need to edit your post.

To edit, simply change the word "video" to "youtube" on both sides of the tag and it will display with the new format.

I went through a few posts on the first pages of each forum and changed it myself, but I am not going through 850k posts. So we will all be editing them on a "need to see" basis.

All posts moving forward will have the new tag and work fine. This is for old posts only.

Also: this tag works with YouTube full URLs. Shortened URLs ( will not work

If you need to convert a shortened URL to full the format is followed by the video 12 digit code

Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you.


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